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Kindess Started By Someone Else

--by ado, posted Nov 7, 2017
I want to share a kindness act that started with strangers.

My mom's car stopped suddenly on a busy road. She called me, but I was not able to reach her quickly.  When I arrived, she told me that the owner of the restaurant across from where the car stopped gathered his workers and helped to move the car next to the curb so it is safe.

It was a really nice gesture and it was very selfless of them to help. So after sorting things out with my mother's car, I decided to go back to the restaurant and buy dinner from there. But definitely their gesture was a great example of a random act that inspired me to pay it forward.
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AndiCas wrote: A great help to your mum there, and helped to keep everyone safe by getting the car out of the road.
DANCE wrote: very kind of them to help
mindyjourney wrote: A kinder world, my friend :)). So glad your mom was helped when in car distress and tx for buying dinner too.
kjoyw wrote: What a lovely kindness. People can be so wonderful! So great you got them their dinner!
splain wrote: Now that is something that restores your faith in people.
horsegirl21 wrote: nice
Rajni wrote: Your good karma of the past brought you kindness. Thank God.
leoladyc728 wrote: that was kind of them to move the car
Mish wrote: Kind people everywhere. Blessed.

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