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Turning Panic Into Gratitude

--by yomamaspimp, posted Aug 27, 2009

I was stopping at a Subway restaurant near my house for some dinner and a confused-looking Asian woman wandered in, asking for directions.  

"I'm lost," she said, shaking. The woman behind the counter was older, and mind you we live in the South, meaning she had a very thick, heavy accent that the woman asking for directions could hardly understand.

The woman was nearing panic, when I turned to her and said, "North Meridian Road? I'm headed that way, actually. You can just follow me." I was actually going the opposite direction, but I had time to kill.

The woman was overcome with relief. She thanked me, and I took her to her destination.

That made my day.

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hotcocoa wrote: That was really a great thing for you to do!

I mean we might never know what the woman wanted, but it sure was important.

Thanks for helping her :)

By reading this story i could kind of feel how she was feeling and believe me that she found an angel when everything she could thought of was being lost.

God bless you and again thanks for helping her.
wayfarer wrote: Great story! Not too keen on the name, though!
Jacinda wrote: What an awesome thing to do!! Small kind actions can make such a difference! Keep up the awesome work and I hope you have a fantastic week! Love and smiles, Jacinda
incognita wrote: that was a lovely gesture, jacinda's right, small gestures are the best as the make a huge difference in the person receivings life, and gestures arent difficult to give out, others should be inspired to do lil things like this too thanks for posting this xx =)
Bluebell wrote: Welcome to our site. Thank you for your kind act. I can only imagine the panic of being lost, my mother often loses sense where she is, and I wish that every time that happens to her an Angel like you would show up to reassure her and show her the way. God Bless you. Love and Light and a Thousand Smiles, Bluebell.

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