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A Smile is Universal

--by NA, posted Jun 3, 2006
My time at Aravind has been going well so far. Yesterday, I went to an eye camp, which is basically a van of doctors and nurses that goes out to remote villages to do eye screening. I've realized that Tamil and Malayalam are not as similar as I thought, so I have had a difficult time communicating with the patients. But, the patients here are all so receptive of a nice smile that can sometimes understandably be compromised by the doctors here due to the large number of patients that they see. This was especially true with a lot of the patients yesterday. I would smile at them and they would begin to talk to me in Tamil. When I told them that I didn't understand Tamil...a phrase that I have found very useful...some still continued to talk to me in words that they knew Tamil and Malayalam shared. It was great! I've realized that a smile is really universal!
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