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Letting Others In

--by splain, posted Dec 3, 2017
When you give out kindness and being friendly to others, it does come back.

We have just finished having the whole house painted. It was hard to live around this. But I supplied good coffee and beautiful biscuits. We didn't complain and moved the furniture each night so the painting could be done easily.

I became friends with this young man over the two weeks while he painted. We weren't going to paint the bathroom area as it made living there too difficult and were going to arrange it for September. He talked to me about getting it done quickly for me and also did the front door in this fantastic high gloss paint.

When we went to pay him he said the bathroom and door were a gift to us. I was stunned. He explained that we had made him so welcome that he wanted to do this.

On the last day we bought him tickets to go to the premier lounge twice.You go there and a meal is part of it and the seats lay back and feet up. Very luxurious.

He was thrilled. He didn't want to take this gift but we explained that we wanted to show our appreciation on how respectful he had been in our house. I said we would really like to just "adopt him." He loved that. We have made a lovely friend there.

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LiliAB wrote: Miss hearing from you 😘 this story is lovely
Hope that you are well.
Kixx wrote: Such generosity all around! Thank you for sharing. :)
Horse-friend wrote: What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing that!
gardengal10 wrote: How lovely! Sometimes have tradesmen in can be so stressful, and I'm certain that it was, but you've made a new friend as well.
verityngnosis wrote: Thank you for sharing.
michelelpurce wrote: How awesome a new friend! :) And such a kind one. :)
mindyjourney wrote: That's how you make family, dear splain! How lovely a connect and circle of giving :))))))). Thank you for doing and big (((hugs))))!!
Mish wrote: So beautiful, Susanna. I love these open-hearted connects so much ❤️❤️
balou wrote: So happy you did connect with him ... nevertheless I'm happy as well that it's over for you now ;-))) ... adopting him is fine, as long as he doesn't work in the house anymore right now ;-))))
DANCE wrote: How very lovely!!!

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