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What I'm Doing With Smile Cards

--by KC, posted Jun 5, 2006
I'm having a lot of fun with my smile cards! Thanks you so much for all that you guys do, it really is awesome!

I just recieved some great news! I recently won the Violet Richardson Award for starting my STARS, a volunteer club, and my club was given a grant and we have already planned our next project! It's called "Operation Bear Hugs!" We are going to purchase a lot of teddy bears for little kids at our local safe house and we are going to attach smile cards on them! We are so excited!

We also are making gifts for a children's hospital that we hope to visit later this summer ... they are called "Smile in a Box." It is a small brown box that has a poem attached and when you open it there is a smiley face tap light that when you push it it lights up! It's for kid's who are scared at the hospital ... they can have a warm smile anytime they need it! Even late at night! And of course, what would the smile be without a smile card!

Again, thanks for all you guys do! I know that it takes a lot of work! Keep it up! And remember, smiles are contagious ...
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Penny wrote: I was so excited to read this story and see the reference to a Violet Richardson Award. This is one of many programs that Soroptimist International created to "improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world." Check us out and find a club near you!
zidlore wrote: That's so great! I'm planning to make my own club too, just like your own. And because of your story, I got more motivated! Thanks!
Aurelia wrote: That's Great! I'd love to hear more about your club! Keep up the good work.~Aurelia

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