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Sharing Warmth and Love

--by AndiCas, posted Dec 8, 2017
My friend waited at home with me the other evening whilst her partner drove mine and my son to the health centre. In the course of our conversation we ended up looking inside a big wardrobe I have, where winter coats are stored. There was my very hippy knitted pixie hood jacket in there in the brightest of fiery colours. I could almost feel my friend's eyes light up and her arms reach out when she spotted it. So I gave it to her and she was so excited. She wore it for the rest of the evening, and if I'm honest with myself I enjoyed having it more than I enjoyed actually wearing it. Afterwards I realized how easy it had been to part with.

I'm fortunate to have so much 'stuff' and friends to share it with.
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heirloommaters wrote: It seems as if it had been hanging there in your closet just waiting for her to befriend it!
gardengal10 wrote: Better your pixie hood jacket to be seen by the world than hidden away in your wardrobe. just think of the compliments that your friend will get!
Mish wrote: Sounds like something I'd be drawn to as well :)))
mindyjourney wrote: I can just imagine how your friend looked in that pixie jacket!! 🌈 ❤️. So true, we are blessed to be able to share and with such beautiful release :)). Well done, my friend. Thank you!
leoladyc728 wrote: the jacket sounds great. thanks for gifting it to your friend.

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