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A Child's Truth

--by lewski711, posted Dec 2, 2017
This kindness really touched me, and it looks like it may ripple for years to come.

Probably the best note I have ever gotten from a student in 21 years of teaching. This was spontaneous, not an assignment. Had to frame it. Let me translate:

"I will write perfect. I will never break a rule. I will clean my desk. I will get blue money (classroom cash). I will go to college. I will have a job. I will become the boss of all the knuckleheads. I will participate. I will have a growth mindset. I will never bully. I will be nice. I promise."

#AprilRAOK #BeKindToOneAnother
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cabbage wrote: Love it! What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful teacher.
kalaa wrote: The comment speaks volumes both of the student and the teacher who taught and inspired him. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful testimonial.
David Cole wrote: The power of a loving and caring example can never be given away without returns in the hearts and minds of those we serve, teach, or influence.
That is what teaching and serving is all about. Wonderful example!
seesee wrote: It's like the bible says " and a little child shall lead them"! .
Thanks for sharing!
nankers wrote: Aw my heart is touched! Truly inspiring! God bless you for being a guiding compass!
Ohiostreet wrote: "I promise" sweet words
lt33 wrote: That's sweet 😃
mindyjourney wrote: LIke the drawing too :)
leoladyc728 wrote: fantastic.

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