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Fourth in Line at the Grocery Store

--by AURELIA, posted Aug 29, 2009

I went grocery shopping today. Isn't it always the way that when it's time to pay all of a sudden the lines are long?  I saw one that wasn't too long and quickly jumped into it. 

I started loading up my things onto the belt. I had a ton of groceries. As I was loading, I happened to look behind me and saw an elderly couple with a few toys. I told them that they could go ahead of me.  They couldn't thank me enough because they were on their way to their great grandchild's birthday party. 

As I continued to unload my groceries onto the belt I heard someone ask, "Miss, would you mind if I went ahead of you also?" I took a deep breath and said "Sure, you can go ahead of me".  I smiled and thought to myself "if he asked he must have to be getting home for some reason."

I'd almost unloaded all of my groceries onto the belt when I noticed a young couple with a newborn baby crying like mad.  All they had were diapers and a few baby things in their wagon, so I asked them if they would like to go ahead of me too. They gladly accepted my offer. 

After them, it was finally my turn ... phew.  It felt good to offer to two and have patience for one ;-)  Could I  have said "No, I'm in a hurry" when my conscience was telling me to offer for them to go ahead of me?  I'm glad I followed my heart and said "sure, you can go ahead of me."





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Readers Comments

Sanyogita wrote: Aurelia,U did a fantastic job.U have a lots of patience...Glad to have u as a friend...
FairyBubbles wrote: Three is enough to try anyone's patience - only an angel could still smile.
sethi wrote: Kindness in action , thank you .
JuneBug wrote: GREAT JOB !!!! Always thinking of others....:)
lmil1954 wrote: Awesome Aurelia and HB BlueBell!
grammagussie wrote: Smile Aurelia..U did get out of the store before Thanksgiving...Remind me not to go shopping with u when Im in a hurry....Just kidding. You are so sweet. I just love the way you treat people so kindly.

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