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Help During A Cold And Snowy Morning

--by paolagast, posted Dec 12, 2017
I got up at 4 am to receive a call from my daughter who needed my help getting home from the snowy mountains. After I helped her get a cab, I noticed that I was out of cigarettes so I bundled up and went to the gas station up the street to buy some.

As I got there, I saw a young man wrapped in a very thin blanket, trying to keep out of the snow. I went in and bought my smokes, then as I walked out, this gentleman asked me for a cigarette.

I gave him three and left, but suddenly I realized I had to do something for him. I couldn't just go home, so I went back and asked him if he wanted a coffee. He said "yes please" so I went in and got him an extra large cup and something to eat. Then I gave him whatever money I had left. I went home with an aching heart, thinking of him being out in the cold, so I told my husband who at the moment was up, that I was going to take a blanket and a jacket to the guy.

I went out again and gave him the blanket and the jacket and told him there was a shelter nearby where he could ask for help. I know of that shelter because I volunteer in the kitchen there. I asked him to promise me he would go and he said yes. I came back home, and, after my daughter arrived and went to bed, I sat there thinking about the guy at the gas station, how cold and tired he must be, while I'm at home, warm and dry.

I got on the phone and called the shelter and told the nice girl on the phone that there was a guy who was out in the cold; she told me they had one or two beds left, and to tell him to go see them. I quickly got into my car and drove to the gas station and told him I was taking him to the shelter. The roads were bad and my tires were not so good, but I knew that somehow we would be protected, so I drove confidently. I dropped him off at the door, told him they said he can sleep on the couch until the paperwork is ready, that they would give him dry warm clothes, and that he would have a hot meal soon. He was so very grateful and I was so very happy.

During the winter, my heart aches for those that don't have a home, it is bad during the summer but not as bad as the fall and winter. I just hope this young man gets back on his feet soon enough. I wish him the best, and I hope he is warm and cozy right now!

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Readers Comments

MayEthel wrote: Yes, may all who are cold find shelter. You are an earth angel👼
Aesthete wrote: Amazing work! Thanks for sharing inspiration!
subh wrote: Bless your heart of gold. Thank you for reaching out. :)
paolagast wrote: Thank you everyone😊 i merely did what any decent human being would’ve done, i’m really happy i was the chosen one to help😊😊❤️❤️
paolagast wrote: Thank you all for your beautiful comments!!<3<3 ☺
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you for directing this homeless man to a warm place
kjoyw wrote: So wonderfully kind to help him like the you did. Well done!
Lilijourney wrote: blessings and my gratitude for your kindness :))
Painiacs wrote: God bless him and you and your family
mindyjourney wrote: So nice to hear from you, my friend...was thinking of you recently! Thank you for following heart and making sure that the man was out of the cold and in shelter <3.

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