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Music and Laughter Are a Great Combination

--by SissyLee, posted Jan 8, 2018
I play my harp at two hospices. One that I play for recently built and opened a magnificent Hospice House.

Last Sunday the House enjoyed a community "Light Up a Life" ceremony. People who had lost loved ones could hang a paper ornament with a name on it on a tree and then go outdoors to the gazebo and listen to singers and light a candle. I was honored to play my harp as people gathered indoors and again later as people had refreshments.

The best part was when everyone was outside and a resident and his family came into the tree room for a bit. The son asked if I could play polkas and I explained to him that I play in service and am not really an entertainer. His dying father asked if I would play something and I did, for him. He was deeply moved, and thanked me profusely. His son continued to wisecrack, as was his way. The whole thing was so endearing. The gentle father and the son, who told me my boots (which have a musical note pattern on them) show I have music in my soul (sole -- hahah), were wonderful.
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mindyjourney wrote: Expect nothing less than musical boots for you! 🎶 Thank you for your gentle ways of uplifting those in need with your music. How lovely to be a apart of such a ceromony ❤️. Blessings of comfort to those who grieve.
mish wrote: Beautiful, Sissy 😘
autumnsky38 wrote: Aww you're amazing Sissy Lee. Love u.
heirloommaters wrote: Bless you. I am trying in vain to "hear" a polka on the harp in my head. Lol Somehow "Who Stole The Kieshka" does not seem to fit harp! However, there is an awesome CD of Austrian folk music, songs not written down that were collected and preserved by musicians who learned them by ear up in the Alps. The Manfred Schuler Zither Ensemble. Such relaxing, happy music!
leoladyc728 wrote: such a fantastic experience

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