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A Smile That Goes Around the World

--by ashagauri, posted Jan 9, 2018
I was in a shop buying some goodies. The person in front of me fell short by 10 rupees. The cashier asked him to return something. He kept thinking but it seemed he needed to buy all the items. He tried to convince the cashier that he would pay it later, but the cashier was unable to help him.

I offered to pay the 10 rupees. He was hesitant to take it from a stranger. I gave him a sweet smile and said, come on, this is how it goes round in the world. He accepted my offer.
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Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job of helping stranger without offending. How they feel is much important than what they get. Thanks for sharing inspiring post.
Aesthete wrote: So true! Acts of kindness do make the world go round!
Mish wrote: Well done :))
alisamom wrote: What a lovely act of kindness!
deeptijois wrote: Lovely!
verityngnosis wrote: Beautiful kindness.
mindyjourney wrote: I'm smiling too :)))). Thank you for helping the world go round with kindness :)))
splain wrote: That's the way
savraj wrote: I love it! Beautiful comment!
leoladyc728 wrote: very kind of you.

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