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Would You Like A Piece Of My Heart?

--by Modestobob, posted Sep 4, 2009

There are so many people that for one reason or the other, are sad, alone, and spend many a night in their homes, behind locked doors, and in need of comfort. As you walk down the streets of any city, you might meet a homeless person with his only bed being a cardboard box, spread out on the hard concrete or under an overpass.

He might have lost his family, or his home, or his job, and yet we walk by ignoring him, instead of attempting to comfort him or help in a small way. There are just as many sad people in homes and outside of homes, as there are happy people, and yet, we tend to ignore the sad, and team up with the happy. It’s our nature I suppose.

There are some who are truly ailing here on the helpothers online community too. Please remember them in your hearts and know that they may be comforted by you in some small way. Here are some tips from the heart, I have found have worked wonders to another in need. Perhaps you can try them too. 
Stop and befriend someone you come across, who is crying, or obviously in need of comfort, and friendship. Offer a helping hand and have an open mind and listen. Be an active listener until they have finished talking. Think about your response, so that you can help them to work things out for themselves. Trying to fix things for others can be very dis-empowering.
Offer to help, ask them how, and place a hand on their shoulder with permission. This one simple gesture could allow him to feel less alone, but be aware that touching needs to be dealt with carefully and best done only if invited to do so or checking that it is alright first.
Be understanding and compassionate. Never judge them or blame them, even if you feel they should be. Any of us could be in this situation. Be empathic.
Think of yourself, if you were in their place. Perhaps you will meet them in the hospital waiting room. Their loved one might have been in a bad accident, and they might be waiting alone. Sit next to them. Ask them what happened. Feel their pain and show them you do, by your words and facial expressions. Ask them if they will join you for a cup of hot chocolate. They will be so happy not to be alone at this time!
Courtesy and love, gratitude and thankfulness all seem to go together and can make someone’s day very special. Have a marvelous day and know that you are so loved!
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Readers Comments

Bluebell wrote: Beautiful post, thank you so much. Love and light and a thousand smiles, bluebell
Jackie wrote: I just stumbled upon your website and read all of the comments and it is so true, i have learned so much the last 4 years.

Our home was destroyed in a fire 4 years ago, we are still fighting the insurance company and live in our backyard in a trailer, we have no water, i went nextdoor with my last 20 dollars to ask if i could please use their hose for just 5 minutes, for $20. 00 and the answer was no. I was so humiliated.

I walk down the alley with sparkletts bottles to get water and everyone drives by. You know how hot it is and how dirty i am but you do not offer a hand.

Please everytime i see anyone that needs help i offer an hand, from loading groceries to getting the elderly out of the heat, i don't have any money to give, but i have a smile, and a prayer.

Please everyone, don't be my next door neighbor, yes water is precious but life is moreso. God bless you all.

wayfarer wrote: Oh, AMEN, brother!
Sanyogita wrote: Thanks for a lovely post.Thanks for making us aware of the true facts that we often ignore.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Compassion shown to anyone is never wasted. Thanks for posting this Bob. I will make it a point today to make a new friend in my journey through this day!
JuneBug wrote: This is such a good post,Bobert..It seems the message for me here lately is ''be aware''..I didn't really realize how asleep I was until last Sunday's sermon. Time to WAKE UP !!! :)

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