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Up Close And Personal

--by Nanioid, posted Sep 11, 2009

My husband got free tickets to almost every Denver Nuggets basketball game and the seats were always very close to the floor.  My husband never likes to stay for the whole game, so, we usually leave half-way through.  I thought that it would be cool to pick a random set of two people from the highest row in the arena and give them our tickets, so that they could move closer for the rest of the game.  I asked my husband to go to the third section and pick someone and give our tickets to them.  Meanwhile, I watched everything from our seats.  Some people thought he was trying to sell them something, but he was always able to find someone who was genuinely happy to receive the upgraded seats for free.  It became a tradition for us when we went to the games to pick people at random to give our tickets to.  Also, when we had extra tickets to a game we would often pick random people in line to buy tickets and give them our extras for free.

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Nandi wrote: You do such sweet and kind things! I'm sure those people would remember u and ur husband all their lives! Thank u so much for being such a nice person and also for sharing this story with us.
Very warm wishes, Nanioid.
grammagussie wrote: Very nice
Sanyogita wrote: U and ur husband are kind.I`m sure people will recognize u both...
sethi wrote: You are generous . Thank you for your generosity to other beings .

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