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An Everyday Job for Him, but Not For Us

--by AndiCas, posted Jan 11, 2018
My son has been in the hospital again,  this time with an emergency admission. From our local health centre he was sent in an ambulance to the pediatric hospital which is just over an hour away from there.

 In this country most ambulances are driven and manned by bombeiros (firemen) and this was no exception. Whilst one drove, the other was in the back with me and son. He started chatting with my son as soon as he was strapped in, asking him whether he'd prefer English or Portuguese.

When my son said either, the bombeiro requested English so that he could practice. Of course, that gave plenty of opportunity for him to draw  my son into offering 'tuition' and the pair of them chatted on and off for the full hour. He'd obviously been tasked with keeping our boy awake, and did so so skillfully that our son didn't realise we were tearing along with lights flashing.

The back of an ambulance is a horrible place, and I got travel sick and had to open the window a little. It was chilly, so this absolutely wonderful guy took his own jacket off and wrapped it around  our son's head and neck where they were  extending from the blankets.

These marvelous guys stayed with us during check in procedure, and only left when I reassured them that  my husband was on his way in the car.

I cannot be grateful enough for the bombeiros. They're our firemen, and they are all absolute heroes.
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kjoyw wrote: Just saw this, andrea. I so hope he is recovering and that he will be ok. What wonderful guys to have helping you that day with your son. Earth angels, for sure! Kate
Kixx wrote: So many layers of love and knowledge at work in your story. Thank you for sharing. May your little boy be better soon.
autumnsky38 wrote: Praying for your dear son Andicas. 🙏🏻❤️
DANCE wrote: Dear, i do hope your son is better. How lucky to have these team of bombeiros to help you. I send you lots of love
mindyjourney wrote: Oh, dear andi! ❤️ Such a brave and giving community ❤️. No wonder you live there! Keeping your son in my prayers that he is better soon. Blessings fo all the bombeiros and those who provide assistance when we are in such need.
mish wrote: Absolute angels, these guys!👍❤️ Glad you had them with you there! Holding your son & all of you in Light for healing and strength, Andi,
SissyLee wrote: The word is even wonderful -- Bombeiros. Hope your son recovers quickly and you take care.
gardengal10 wrote: Happy that you arrived at the hospital with skilled driver and attendant. Prayers for a quick recovery.
Aesthete wrote: Glad he is truly putting an effort into his job and cares! Keeping your son in mind and heart. Hope he recovers well!
AnnC wrote: I know this was a very scary experience for you and your son and I am very thankful that you had these kind bombeiros to help you through it. We are blessed with very kind and helpful firemen and first responder's in our community also and they make such a difference. I hope your son will return to full health soon.

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