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Anonymous Gifts at Work

--by rlpickle, posted Sep 13, 2009

I started a project at work where I've been leaving anonymous gifts for people. I've been so excited about it, and so far, I've left gifts for four people. They aren't any big things, but I think it's such a cool thing to do. I've always loved doing things like this.

The toughest thing has been leaving the items and not getting caught. I've left a smile card behind asking the person to pay it forward. I've only gotten to see one person's reaction to their gift. I had to flat out lie when she asked if it was me! :)

I eventually plan to "tag" everybody. I hope people will start talking about it, so they can see they haven't been the only one who has received a gift. I'm hoping it will spread and catch on.

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Amy Allison wrote: I started the same thing last year :) i had an e-mail account and started staging scavenger hunts and leaving little things all over! I called my self "the happiness rescue squad" lol it really threw people off and no one suspects me to this day!

You will have a great time!

Just to let you know the dollar store has great little inspirational/quote/thank you books and they are great gifts to slip into work mail slots :d
MadeUSmile wrote: Bravo for you! Isn't this fun? :)
onefish2fish wrote: OHHHHHHH i can wait to hear how it wirks out! very cool idea, I love it!!~Stacey
Sanyogita wrote: Its a lovely idea.Hope u have fun.
FairyBubbles wrote: Fantastic - this really is an exciting project!
sethi wrote: Be the change my friend and best of luck.
JuneBug wrote: LOL !!! Don't you just love it ???? :)
grammagussie wrote: I can feel your excitement...please let us know how it works
Great idea...((hugs)) grammagussie

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