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A Helping Hand

--by KevinDiehl, posted Jan 29, 2018
Today after school, I came home and saw my mother cleaning the house. Since I didn't have much homework that I needed to do, I started helping. While she vacuumed, I picked up junk left out and rearranged things.

While we cleaned, we chatted a little bit. I think my mother really appreciated the help and company, and I had fun hanging out with my mom and helping her with her chores.
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RoseMarie wrote: Well done you, x 💓rose-marie from northern ireland xxxx
cabbage wrote: Your mom is lucky to have you!
ashima.goyal wrote: How wonderful kevin! :-)
Kixx wrote: Go, kevin! Thank you for sharing.
melnotes wrote: What a lovely help you were :) Thank you for your kindness to mum :)
AndiCas wrote: All chores pass quickly when you have good company. I'm glad the two of you had an opportunity to appreciate the other's company.
Mish wrote: Think you for helping. Beautiful. Bless.
mindyjourney wrote: What a loving kind helper you are! thank you.
terre wrote: Nice connection for you and your mother!
pyronik wrote: :-) glad you had fun & enjoyed the time with your mom. You familiar with Mary Poppins? "In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun & snap, the job's a game". Fun is doing things together.

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