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Right Place at the Right Time

--by annafails, posted Feb 7, 2018
I was visiting Glacier National Park this past summer on my annual road trip. I was parked in a lot near the park entrance, lacing up hiking boots, when I overheard a man ask someone if they had jumper cables, to which the stranger sadly said "no."

I travel in a tiny Miata, packed to the top with gear for a two-week stint, but I always travel with a self-contained power unit with built-in jumper cables. I quickly approached the unlucky driver with an offer of assistance.

It turns out he was visiting the park with a group of underprivileged teens, and the borrowed van was not running well. Within a few minutes, the man's van was running, and I was repacking my charger in my car's tiny trunk. The man called me an "angel," and the feeling I got from being able to help buoyed me up the rest of the visit.
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rickhiker wrote: How inspiring!
RoseMarie wrote: Yes, definitely his earth angel. Proud of you! X 💓
Irina wrote:
Good story! I think it's very important to help your neighbor when you have such an opportunity, and not indifferently turn away! Someday you will need someone's help. And you will get it!
Kixx wrote: What a wonderful example of kindness for those kids, too. Thank you for sharing.
Horse-friend wrote: What a great chance to be of support! Thanks for telling...
Mish wrote: Well you were his earth angel that day :)) Well done 👍
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being an angel for one in need. We were in Glacier this year, but during the fires...
leoladyc728 wrote: nice you could help

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