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Warming Smile and Something to Eat

--by farahlotfy, posted Feb 3, 2018
We have a lot of people begging in the streets here in Egypt. I try to give them food or something they can actually use rather than just giving them money.

So I always try to have a bag of sweets in my car so whenever anyone asks for money I ask if they would like something to eat instead. Sometimes people just take the food and leave or they actually decline the food and say they want money instead.

One day I saw this mother who was carrying her baby and she asked for money - I told her I have food if she wants some, she thanked me a lot and I gave her the whole bag. She thanked me again and called for the rest of her kids to come and eat something. Her smile really made my day.
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Rajnish Kumar wrote: If you want to help this kind of person then just give them food not money ,money is making some kind of human trafficking.
Kixx wrote: So kind if you. Thank you for sharing!
RoseMarie wrote: Thank you x 💓
lt33 wrote: That's great u were able to help out a mom & kids its sad to see kids homeless along with their parents & dogs
mindyjourney wrote: thank you for being so thoughtful in your giving, my friend. blessings to all those in need.
jsmc10 wrote: Thank you :)
splain wrote: I think when you give food you know they won't go hungry. the world is easier to get through, if your stomach is full. Lovely giving
TC wrote: A true act of kindness and compassion.
mish wrote: Full of kindness x
kjoyw wrote: Thank you for your many kindnesses.

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