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Kindness at the Airport

--by Subh, posted Feb 4, 2018
While I was waiting to board the next flight, a gentleman came and took the empty seat beside me and started a conversation over the phone. I couldn't help but listen to his story where he shared this random act of kindness he had just done.

At the food court, he noticed a group of about 15 students who were traveling to take part in a competition. Seeing that they were quite hesitant to spend  money he decided to pay for them.

He asked each of them to come forward, order a meal and enjoy the treat. The boys were moved and couldn't help but thank the generous man, who in turn couldn't hold in his happiness. In fact his smile of satisfaction infected us, too. It was  a good distraction from the tedious boredom of waiting.
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RoseMarie wrote: Beautiful share thank you x 💓
Kixx wrote: What a generous spirit. Thank you for sharing!
Mish wrote: Beautiful kindness ripple there ❤️
heirloommaters wrote: What a kind gesture!
mindyjourney wrote: Airports are great for such kind acts! Thank you for sharing the man's story with us too :)
DANCE wrote: What a lovely treat to hear that by accident
mnc_91 wrote: A welcome distraction it was 😊
janfour wrote: so great to share and show a group how to help others
gardengal10 wrote: Kindness can be found everywhere.
Annc wrote: Lovely story

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