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Supporting and Encouraging Each Other to Pay it Forward

--by Subh, posted Feb 9, 2018
The deadline to submit the personal project was Thursday. Though my son had everything ready well ahead of time - crazy ideas popped up at the last minute. All of a sudden he wanted to remake the video as he wasn’t quite satisfied with what he'd done. He hence approached one of his classmate who happily agreed to come to the rescue. The night before the due date, the two of them skyped for hours getting the video ready. Finally, past midnight, it was done and all of us could have a restful night.
The next evening when my son returned home, he was filled with remorse. His kind friend had spent the entire time helping him and ended not completing his own. My son was overcome with  guilt and he kept thinking of ways to pay the help he had received forward.

 Just then he got a call from another classmate who was struggling with her final submission. She was in need of a drummer to accompany her song and my son  agreed instantly. (He loves music.) He happily gave her all the time needed to complete her project.

As a parent it was rewarding to see youngsters stand by each other. I'm grateful that the school , mainly teachers are encouraging such a spirit.
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lindariebel wrote: Parents taught him well
RoseMarie wrote: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree x 💓 well done to your son and to your parenting x
Kixx wrote: This was wonderful to read. Thank you for sharing!
AnnC wrote: What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing this.
pluto178 wrote: I feel for him but maybe the other boy was already paying something forward..... it all balances out nicely in the end. X
mindyjourney wrote: The choices we make in life encourage our learning :)). Seems son is learning much!
Mish wrote: Bless them all ❤️
leoladyc728 wrote: fantastic share

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