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When We Look Outside Ourselves

--by michalgc, posted Feb 12, 2018
Generosity is within us. It lies in that second that we choose to look outside of ourselves, and be connected to the world.

Today as I was walking home, taking a shortcut through the subway station, an old lady asked me to open the gate for her. While doing it, I asked her where she was going, and I realized that she got confused and was actually heading in the wrong direction!

I advised her of that and offered to walk with her to the location she specified. We walked, chatted, crossed all the red lights (she refused to stop at any :-) ) and hugged at the end (I asked her first...).

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RoseMarie wrote: You were definitely her angel today. Bless you 😇
Kixx wrote: You're a kind spirit. Thank you for sharing.
Roki wrote: Agree. Generosity and kindness is only a brief reach away, we can do it with practice.
lindariebel wrote: How thoughtful. You may have saved her from more discomfort than you know.
ado wrote: Great. What a nice thing you did. And extra credits for risking it and crossing he red lights with her 😀
lt33 wrote: 😉😃
Mish wrote: You were her Angel today 😇
mindyjourney wrote: To true...generosity and kindness is only a brief reach away ;)). Thank you for helping elderly woman on her way ❤️
patjos wrote: Thank you! :)
vitalreiki wrote: When we are open many blessings come our way.

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