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Sharing The Rice, Sharing the Love

--by heirloommaters, posted Feb 10, 2018
There is a Victory Kitchen in a town we often visit. They offer a free hot meal to anyone who needs it, serving a largely poor section of town. A number of the population in that area seem to have southern roots, so those kind of foods get served.

We had been gifted with more rice than than we could use before it went bad, so we gave them a twenty pound bag. I like the thought of a hot plate of red beans and rice warming someone's insides while the caring of those running the kitchen offers warmth to the hearts of the struggling. 
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RoseMarie wrote: Beautiful x
Kixx wrote: Yummy! Thank you for your kindness, and for sharing.
Rajni wrote: No doubt you did a good job of donating rice for the needy people. Your compassionate heart seeing caring of those running the kitchen offers warmth to the hearts of the struggling stands out. We all know that our intention behind our action is more important. Just to get fame or an humble selfless effort does make a big difference. We thank god for giving us an opportunity to serve and resources to fulfill them.
Mish wrote: Excellent 👍👍👍
AndiCas wrote: That will provide a lot of places of rice and beans. A wonderful place to send it.
mindyjourney wrote: On of my fave dishes, red beans and rice! :))) thank you for sharing. :)))
DANCE wrote: Thank u for sharing

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