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Holding Each Other's Hands in the Snow

--by TC, posted Feb 22, 2018
Yesterday I was asked to walk my granddaughter to the school bus stop. Her other Grandmother has mobility issues and is not able to walk through the snow and ice with her walker.

There was a mom walking her son to the same stop while struggling with 3-year-old twins. One was screaming and crying the entire way. After the bus left I walked with her and she explained that the boy she was carrying is non-verbal. He can make sounds but no words at this point.

I held out my hand to the boy who was walking and he took it. Soon I was holding the hands of both boys. They were quite content to walk with me while I chatted with their mom. I felt I was of service to all in those few minutes we walked, giving the boys my unconditional acceptance and their mom someone to talk to. It made me very happy, too.
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Rajni wrote: You did a wonderful job by holding each other's hands in the snow.

In our life there are many slippery ways than snow.

Hope this little care of yours inspire others to "hold hands" in the difficult times of their lives. Sometimes they just need some encouragement, care and support. Thanks for sharing.
Kixx wrote: Human connection is what it's all about, and you're a natural! Thank you for sharing, tc. Big hug.
patjos wrote: Love this, thank you :)))
mindyjourney wrote: Such a beautiful walk, dear TC. Thank you.
Annc wrote: This was a wonderful kindness. Unconditional acceptance is what each of us needs and deserves (but don't always get) and a listening ear is such a relief for the mom
mish wrote: You were heaven sent 😇
leoladyc728 wrote: thanks for doing this.
DANCE wrote: Sure you made them very happy

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