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Love Your Food

--by LiliAB, posted Feb 23, 2018
Today I had an aaah ha from one of my second graders, Luther. As we were walking and talking on the way back to my room he asked me "What superfood do you want to have and why?".

I shared that I wished to eat sweet and salty things with no calorie counts.

Luther suggested that I only "eat" what I like to eat, like kind words about myself, peaceful things that fill up my heart, and that I take time to eat slowly and with lots of love feelings around me.

His family has a family ritual that they practice every weekend morning at breakfast. They put bites of love into their mouths in the form of their breakfast morsels, a little goes a long way, then take the  time to create love notes to themselves to share at the family dinner hour.

It is Luther's favorite family treat.

"Hope you had a good day". "Love you" "Peace Be With You".
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Alizze wrote: Your family is impressive. Hope my family also love to me like this. I impressed from your stody. Vry heart touching.
mindyjourney wrote: Wise child, wise family :)))). Love and peace in all things, esp our food. Tx for sharing this sweet way of looking at what we ingest, dear lili
DotMatrix wrote: What an amazing family. I'm just so touched by this story. ♥.
leoladyc728 wrote: what a great family Luther has.
patjos wrote: This is very lovely! :)))
Mish wrote: Love in every ingest 👍

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