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Persisting in the Desire to Help

--by rickhiker, posted Mar 5, 2018
I had forgotten about this small favor to an old man with a flat tire precariously parked along a mountain highway. He was ashamed to ask for help and said he would be OK when I stopped. But recently, I had mentally asked the powers that be to send me someone who could use my help. So, I figured he must be mistaken about not needing help.

So I cajoled him into at least letting me help him get on the road sooner. 45 minutes later, after fixing the flat, I knew this...he was severely handicapped and couldn't even stoop down, he didn't know where his jack was or where to jack at, and the car position made it almost impossible to jack up without significant work, I was the only one with a lug wrench, etc.

I had smashed a couple Christmas balls from his shopping run when I shut his trunk. I offered to pay, but instead, had to fight him not to pay me. We went merrily on our ways. And though many of us have "been there and done that" sort of good deed, let me point out an important idea. When you ask, you will receive. Yes, we can ask (somebody up there) to be of assistance to another, even when they don't yet know that they need it or ask for it. Program for kind acts, and the opportunities will appear.
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Mamabear_1957 wrote: So glad you helped this lovely man.
It's a shame that we live in a society where we feel it is not socially acceptable to ask for or accept help. Thankfully there are many out there like yourself who have a good and kind heart.
Thankyou for your kindness in helping this man.
KAPILDEVSURI wrote: If ye have faith and doubt not say unto the mountain to be removed. It is liable to be removed by kindness universe power which we all have ,
RoseMarie wrote: You are a good person i loved this story, thank you x 💓rose-marie from northern ireland xxxx
lindariebel wrote: Love this reversal! "send me someone to help! "
scully wrote: Nice of you to offer your help
mish wrote: It is sometimes so hard for some to accept help. Thankful you were able to see his need and care enough to help him. Bless.
patjos wrote: Thank you for pointing this out :)
Annc wrote: So glad you were there to help!
mindyjourney wrote: When we are open to being of service, the Universe does assist us :))). Thank you for doing!
leoladyc728 wrote: glad you could help him

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