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Tales From The Harp, Creating Sacred Spaces

--by SissyLee, posted Feb 15, 2018
I almost didn't go to my Hospice volunteer harp shift yesterday. Didn't sleep so well. But I felt I had to go see a person I had played for twice before. When I arrived, she was receiving communion so I played for another for a half hour. This quiet man had his daughter with him and we shared a bit about playing the piano. She rubbed his back as I played my harp and sometimes he conducted in the air. The room was full of peace.

When I entered the room of the woman I felt summoned by, she beckoned me to her bedside and said she had been hoping I would come. We held hands. I shared that I felt I could not ignore a message to harp for her today. A friend in the room said God was tapping me on the shoulder. My patient asked if I would stay until the end.

I began to play and family members and friends began to arrive. They formed a spiral around her bed, held her hands and stroked her shoulders. At one point, this blessed soul asked for a comb to comb her hair. (There was no hair -- long gone to chemo). Watching her comb her imaginary hair brought tears to my eyes.

The book title "The Art of Dying" was on the nightstand.

For two hours I played -- unknown and known Irish pieces, ancient hymns, modes, sweet songs of yore. Her elder mother loved Dona Nobis Pacem. Kum Bey Yah had several singing to their loved one. My eyes were beginning to blur and my dogs began to send me psychic messages about needing to go out. This was going to go on for awhile. I told a family member and she said we understand. It is OK. And we are so grateful.

As I packed things up, my friend said, Karen, come here. We held hands again and she and her mother thanked me profusely. I told them what an honor it was to be part of this sacred circle. I thanked them for giving me this gift. Told her I would see her on the flip side, which made her laugh and she said she would be blowing me kisses into my car as I drove away. Such grace.

To this beautiful woman and her gentle family, who so quietly and tenderly held space and created such a profound moment, I love you all. I will always have you in my heart. Thank you for allowing me to give my humble gift of simple harp music.

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Melnotes wrote: This is so beautiful, what a gift of love, comfort and peace you bring to those you play for. Thank you for sharing your story and drawing us all in to such a sacred time in ones journey of life. Its a very special place to be xx

mish wrote: Sacred & beautiful, Sissy. ❤️
scully wrote: Absolutely amazing!
DANCE wrote: wow, what incredible connection and such love
AndiCas wrote: Thankyou.
pluto178 wrote: Love is humbling I think I just wrote that somewhere else but it is certainly plain to see here..... simply beautiful x
patjos wrote: Thank you
mindyjourney wrote: Was wondering how you were doing, my friend...grateful to hear from you and the loving music 🎶 you share. Such a gift you give. Thank you.
autumnsky38 wrote: So deeply deeply touched by this, Sissy Lee. Wow. Love to you, beautiful one and to the lady you played for. ❤️❤️❤️
leoladyc728 wrote: such love you have. thank you

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