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Unexpected Help

--by Tammy, posted Feb 3, 2006
Last october my mother became sick, I got scared we was gonna loose her so my husband and I made a very quick decision to leave our business and home to move 280 miles where my mom was.

We left everyone without saying goodbye, fearing no one would have understood our reason. We were in a financial bind too, our electricty had been shut off and rent was behind. We have two young boys. We got scared and just left. Left our home, our friends that we loved and 85% of our belongings.

Two of our friends were very worried about us, calling leaving messages and sending letters. We felt so bad for what we had done. I finally realized what we had done and were doing was very unexceptable, our friends deserved an explanation.

So I called, and when asked how we were doing I just cried. We had made the biggest mistake in relocating, my mother is fine now....but we are miserable. Our children do not like the schools, it is like living in a different world. If only we could turn back time, we live everyday not knowing where we will end up.

Our friends Over nighted a check to us for $5000.00 to help us out! Never ever in my life could I have ever thought anyone would do something like that for us. It was Christmas and we had very little money, 2 months behind on bills. We can not imagine what would have happened if they had not sent us that gift.

They are our Angels and we may not ever get to see them again but they will forever be remembered every day for what they did. Never will they be forgotten.
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HeyYou22 wrote: I guess we all learn from our mistakes. It sounds like all is back to normal. Good luck.
Al humphrey onyanabo wrote: God indeed uses humans as angels to answer our prayers to prove that he can move mountains on the behalf of his children. We just need to trust him for our small, big and large needs.
jsmc10 wrote: I really don't think that you made a mistake, you do these things for love and i hope now life is better for you all :)
sewingsphynx wrote: Loving someone is not a mistake. But when we love someone we need to do it in a way that's not detrimental to ourselves or others.

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