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A Lovely Little Old Lady's 90th Birthday

--by tiaandlevismom, posted Sep 22, 2009

Last year, around Labor Day, I read a "Happy Ad" in our local newspaper.  There was a lady in a local nursing home, who was celebrating her 90th birthday and her family wanted everyone to know about it.  It said that if you wanted to drop her a line, here was her address.  So I did.  I found a birthday card and dropped her a short note, wishing her a happy birthday.

A week or so later, someone knocked at my front door.  I opened the door and found a middle-aged man standing on my doorstep.  He introduced himself as the son of this woman to whom I had sent the card.  He explained that he just wanted to drop by in person and thank me for sending such a nice card to his mom.  Apparently, like many older folks, she did not receive much mail and was quite excited to receive mine.  I just didn't know what to say.  I told him it was my pleasure and that I hoped his mom had enjoyed her birthday.

That year, I did not send out any Christmas cards, except to this lovely old lady in the nursing home.  I just told her that I was thinking about her and hoped that she had a nice holiday.  I sent her a Valentine and also a couple of notes in between.  I just thought she might like to have someone write to her, to get some mail.

She passed away a couple of months ago.  I never met this lady, but I did keep her and her family in my thoughts.  I dropped them a line of sympathy.  I hope that my few little notes were enough to brighten a couple of her days here on earth.

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Readers Comments

Seor wrote: You're so great. Thank you for caring the lovely lady, and you are lovely too. I hope all people in the world can pay more attention to the old.
purvi shah wrote: Heart warming. ! She must have been so happy to recieve your cards and letters.
twinkle wrote: That was a really lovely thing to do. I am so glad that i have read your post - it has made me think about what i could do. With love. Twinkle.
Davinci PHARAOH wrote: Heart-warming : in the happiness of others, i find my own happiness. Love makes everything lovely;
Yifan wrote: This story made ​​me feel very warm, and i want to give our feelings about nursing home consultation letters.
Shamini wrote: You are such a good person. God bless you always.
Thangam wrote: God bless you!
Clare K. wrote: What a lovely act. So simple and so neat!
Meeta wrote: Good to listen and after reading this even i thought to do something like this and go to old age home and doing the same thing and some other activity also.

mtalii wrote: She definitely left her blessings with you.

God bless.

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