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All That A Simple Act Of Kindness Can Do

--by wotserface, posted Sep 21, 2009

A simple act of kindness can change a person's whole day.
What was once dark, dismal, and gray, you can make gay.
It doesn't take much effort to impart something magnificent.
I must tell you that a kind word has much force, far from insignificant.

A simple act of kindness can be the difference between roads traveled,
for instance, to a troubled person needing a lift out of sinking gravel.
If you could save a life or a soul by giving a heartfelt greeting, I know you would.
Or, stop to say: "Are you okay?" to a soul that was needing.

A simple act of kindness can put color back into a grimacing face;
Move someone from self-destruction and self-hate,
So they can find redemption in God's loving grace.
It need not be your life's work, but it can give worth to someone else's life:
Turn away from strife to a place where hope is rife.

A simple act of kindness can bridge the chasm between enemies;
Put aside pride and ambition so children can grow with fonder memories.
Our differences are so minute when likenesses are tallied,
That comforting a sick child is salient, no matter creed or malady.

A simple act of kindness can bring distance short;
When families are vexed and mouths speak of tort.
The irony of our Human frailties can be abated with kindness,
to put an end to senseless acts of depravity, and to visceral violence.

By N Andrew DaCosta


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NaVnIt wrote: Wow. Superb. Beutiful one
FairyBubbles wrote: Really cute - and so, so true.
Lots of hugs.
whatthe wrote: Lovely hun. xxx
lovebug wrote: Just beautiful, I would have missed this if you had not taken your time to share. Thanks
wotserface wrote: I knew you all would appreciate it xxx
AURELIA wrote: We Can do it...Keep those simple acts flowing :0) ~THANKS for the Boost of Encouragement!!! :0) ~Aurelia
makesomeonesmile wrote: Very well said!

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