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Using Music to Make Connections

--by SissyLee, posted Mar 20, 2018
My little harp and I journeyed to a memory care facility today and visited 3 hospice patients.

The first resident was not verbal but was incredibly engaged with the music. She was up in a wheelchair and smiled broadly while intently watching me and my hands. If I gave a special flourish to a piece, she would laugh. Ambient noise that got loud caused her to look about in a concerned way. I loved every minute of playing for this charming elder. When I left, I waved goodbye and she wiggled her fingers at me, smiling again. I heard the CNA talking to her about the harp and she made some aahhh aahhhh sounds back.

Her room mate was also there, but she was not present in a way I could discern. She went from being asleep to very slumped in her chair and her eyes were remote. She did have on a helmet. Maybe a bit of the music slipped into her soul.

I visited an old cowboy who loved country music -- he was not doing well -- his eyes were sunk and his color ashen. But the CNA said he loved music and visitors so I played and gave a few pieces a little country swing. He fell sound asleep. He came to as I packed up but did not respond to my voice or look at me. I wished him happy trails.
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mindyjourney wrote: Happy trails to all who are blessed with the healing notes of your heart/harp, my friend. Thank you 🎶 ❤️
patjos wrote: Wonderful vibrations all around, I'm pretty sure. Thank you for doing and sharing here. :)))
mnc_91 wrote: Always wonderful ....
mish wrote: Thank you for serving these souls, Sissy 😇
Littlegirdie wrote: Bless you 🙏 Volunteering some time to a local homeless shelter, playing violin during meal times.
autumnsky38 wrote: Awww such a strong heart you have SissyLee. Bless you and those lovely patients.
leoladyc728 wrote: you emit such love

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