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Can you put this anonymously to that Mom's bill?

--by penny4them, posted Mar 26, 2018

We went out to dinner tonight to celebrate my daughter's beautiful choral concert. We don't do this often because of our tight budget.

I noticed a very tired mom come in with her three children, perhaps triplets, maybe about age 4 or 5. She looked like she had just finished work. She sat with them quietly taking care of all their needs; cups sorted with straws, crayons for coloring, etc. Then I noticed, as soon as their finally food arrived, she took a bite of her food and then one of the kids had to go to the bathroom. They all left the table and she ushered them--so lovingly--especially after what may have been a long day at work. (She as wearing some kind of uniform.)

I excused myself from the table and went discreetly to hostess stand. I handed the hostess $15 and said, "Can you put this anonymously to that mom of 3's bill? I am hoping it covered at least the children's meals." The hostess had such a lovely smile and enthusiasm for being in on this intention. I didn't stand around long as I didn't want anyone --even my own family-- to know what was going on. I wanted it to be completely anonymous.

For the rest of my meal I did all I could not to put any more attention directly on the table, as I didn't want her to suspect me in the act.

I thought about not sharing this story, but I feel like we are stealth, fierce --each others candle holders and lighters-- in our commitments to kindness, so it feels like I should share with y'all.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all you do to inspire my heart to expand in greater kindness and commitment to more and more and more random acts of kindness. It feels so wonderful to live in this type of world, one of abundance and kindness, instead of lack and self-service.
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cabbage wrote: Thank you so much for sharing this story---and for giving us all a great idea too! What a blessing you were to that tired mom. And i love "stealth" kindness---it's awesome! :-) big hugs to you. And please continue to share! Lots of love to you.
Happy4u wrote: Glad you shared your story!
phauser wrote: Thank you for sharing! Bless you!
savraj wrote: That was amazing act of kindness! Thanks for the inspirayion
savraj wrote: oops inspiration!
splain wrote: We are so all behind you in doing these lovely acts of kindness. I just love what you did. It made me feel a little teary. Don't ever stop and we love to hear about what you do. A million hugs to you
sandyremillar wrote: Becky-Jaine, yes....continue to share with us because not only are you helping the situation, you are helping us with ideas of how to be kind! You are a lovely kind being....bless you!!!
bountiful wrote: Totally brilliant RAOK indeed sandy..that is so much thought and mum will be totally gobsmacked, brighter tonight..xx
terre wrote: Lovely kindness, especially as you have some financial issues yourself. I think the mom will be amazed and a bit teary by your kind act.
AndiCas wrote: A lovely act which I'm really pleased you chose to share with us. Thankyou.

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