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Beautiful People

--by fatema007, posted Apr 1, 2018
Building a house in a remote farm in India is a challenge. When we were driving the process we met many beautiful people. So many people inspired us, so many friends guided us. I thought of sharing about one of the lovely soul.

His name was Tulsi Ram. He was from a far village and worked day and night to support his family staying far from him. When he was working for us I used to get amazed by his stunning workmanship. He always used to arrange the tiles even very small one's in beautiful patterns and designs.

One day we asked him to make a simple granite seat. He told us that he can make a very beautiful granite seat with a back support as it's at the entrance gate. We thought why pay more just for some additional beauty, so we said no. But he made a very nice and beautiful seat and told us that it's a GIFT for us and he would not take any money for the seat. I was stunned and overwhelmed by this gesture. We keep on thinking that this class of people charge more, don't work, make lots of excuses etc etc...

But here is HE....
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patjos wrote: He seems very kind :))
Jyo wrote: So nice of him
Horse-friend wrote: Thank you for sharing this lovely story and your own realisation.
healingtree wrote: He is a real artist in materials and spirit. Lovely man. May he and his family be blessed. Thank you for sharing and many blessings to you too as you and your family build this new home. Have an amazing time.
Mish wrote: A true Service soul ❤️
scully wrote: Absolutely brilliant😄
heirloommaters wrote: What an amazing soul!
mindyjourney wrote: Such pride in his work and such a gift in his giving of talents! thank you for sharing with us :)

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