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Helping Celebrate My Colleague's Mother's Birthday

--by brindlegirl, posted Mar 31, 2018
I was able to do a beautiful act of kindness today, one that a year or two ago I never would have done. It wouldn't have even crossed my mind. But thanks to KindSpring and to all the souls that liven it, I am becoming the person I was put on this earth to be.

A work colleague messaged me this morning saying it was a sad day. I asked him why and he told me that the day was his mother's birthday. His mother passed away a few years ago. Through our conversation he mentioned he and his father were going out to lunch to celebrate her life. I asked him where he was going to lunch and left it at that.

After our phone call I immediately called the restaurant and asked to pay for their lunch today. I explained who they were and made arrangements to pay. When my friend and father arrived they were told that their lunch had already been paid for.

Do you know how happy this makes me?

I am so blessed to have found this place and all of you. You all inspire me to do better and be better. Everything I do is because of all of you. Thank you ♥
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petroskryf wrote: Such a kind thing to do.

Having lost a loved one myself, i know how much this means to her. Thank you!
mindyjourney wrote: Oh, what a great kindness for friend and father!! Your kindness confidnece is off the charts, my friend :))). Well done!
Gyrocloudy wrote: That's an awesome surprise!!!!!
leoladyc728 wrote: You are such a sweetie. I know they felt so good because of your kindness. I have a friend who lost her son about 7 years ago. Each year his best friend and her go to her son's favorite restaurant to talk about him. It seems to help her a lot.
splain wrote: That was such a beautiful gesture.
terre wrote: Kindness shines through you always. I love all the different ways you find to express it.
alisamom wrote: Oh that is such a wonderful act of kindness! I'm sure it made your colleague and his dad smile :)
kindmyst wrote: (((((❤️brindlegirl❤️)))))
AndiCas wrote: A lovely thing to do.
kiwicat wrote: Oh my goodness. Thats so generous and thoughtful. You really are an angel walking on this Earth.

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