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Gems Of Love, The Wisdom Of Kindness And A Printable

--by penny4them, posted Apr 2, 2018

I'd like to share story about a little random act of kindness I did this week. I took a glass container of Kindness Blessing Scrolls to a local indy coffee shop to leave out for strangers to take. I believe that these little gems often are discovered by the people who need the message, like a fortune cookie sometimes.

I told the cashier what they were and she said she'd have to check with the manager. I explained that there was nothing self serving or promotional about them, just little gems of wisdom for customers. She was very suspicious and took my email address and glared at the beautiful --well at least to me-- jar that I set beside her register. It made my heart sad that she didn't share an ounce of my enthusiasm.

Sometimes doing random acts of kindness takes an act of courage, many times they don't turn out the way I imagined. (Sometimes they are even MORE magical.) But ultimately--the most important thing to me is that I do them, regularly, practicing kindness, strengthening my kindness muscles and trying to learn to let go of of mental outcomes and simply trusting in the miraculous unknowable positive ripple effects. I'm learning.
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alisamom wrote: Oh that is a GREAT idea! I'm sure the cashier will get curious and take a peek and she'll love it! :)
mish wrote: Kindness done without expectation but knowing that many unknown ripples may result. Wonderful, Becky..
splain wrote: Well now who knows what this will lead to. The cashier might just be the person who is meant to read one of these. Fate with a little help
mindyjourney wrote: We've all had kindness met with skeptism, but your intent is pure and loving <3, and that my friend, is key! Thanks for sharing with us ;0.
savraj wrote: So wonderful. I love your positive attitude. Yes, kind acts can sometimes look suspicious to people who are not used to seeing them! I guess it's up to us to be persistent and never give up until it becomes the norm! Bravo to
savraj wrote: you!!
kjoyw wrote: I think it might not be accurate to base whether these are going to be well received or not just based on the reaction of the cashier. Many will see them and read them and your kindness will ripple outward. And that cashier just might be one of those people, too. But once you give something, it's out there, it's not yours anymore. What happens to it or with it isn't up to you. True kindness was yours today, my friend! Well done. Keep up the good work.
leoladyc728 wrote: very unique
melnotes wrote: Thanks for sharing this its an awesome idea!!!!

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