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Turning Loss into Love: The Embeth Project

--by petroskryf, posted Mar 28, 2018
I pondered for a long while about this, and I decided to ask your contribution …

On March 30 our gifted daughter should have celebrated her 21st birthday.

A day that was supposed to be full of fun and festivities, will be a very lonely day for me and her dad. No birthday cake. No special present. No looking forward to a bright future ahead. Because she passed away when she was only 13. A butterfly who wasn’t able to spread her fragile wings.

It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself. Instead, I decided to ask people to do kind deeds in her name. I call it the Embeth Project, in commemoration of this beautiful soul who crossed my life.

In the following days up to March 30, please consider to dedicate an opportunity for a kind deed to Embeth …. and please keep me posted about it if you feel like doing so. 

*In December this year, my husband and I plan to visit the US again. It’s our way to be kind to ourselves, to have something to look forward to. And Embeth always ‘’travels’’ with us. Her dad wears her pink cap, I wear her favorite scarf (with the skulls, so not my style) around my neck.

Thank you for considering this – I am sure Embeth is already smiling in her corner of the universe.

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Readers Comments

petroskryf wrote: Thank you so much for all your incredible kindness -- every act of kindness is indeed an act of love, making the world a better, kinder place. I will never forget this! Petro
mightym wrote: Today, in embeth's name, i donated a small wooden angel to a gentlemen who is in intensive care because he was escorting a military funeral procession and a car driver ran into him and tossed him 50 feet. He needs embeth's angel to help him at this difficult time. Blessings to you and yours!
Marleen wrote: I can send you consolingand heartwarming reiki, if you like.
petroskryf wrote: Thank you, my kind, dear friends for all your goodwill in Embeth's name.
gardengal10 wrote: A lovely and thoughtful gesture. The earth will be surrounded with kind deeds that will be Embeth. Count me in.
patjos wrote: Will do :)
mish wrote: A beautiful tribute for Embeth , dear Petro. I am just about to begin crocheting another "Hug" (shawl) to gift to someone and will dedicate the gift in your daughter's memory & put love and light in her honor into this one. ❤️
janfour wrote: special day for special memories
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for choosing to honor Embath's spirit in such a giving way...we are journeying soon back to IL and will dedicate RAOKs on the way to her memory 🙏.
DANCE wrote: Will think of her

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