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Gifted Tree Removal

--by MSFriend, posted Apr 5, 2018
My neighbor, recently widowed, told me a great story today. Apparently she had a tree in her yard she was afraid would fall on the house. It was in bad shape and she knew it had to be cut down; she was concerned about the expense, though.

Just two days ago, a young man appeared at her door ready to cut the tree down.When she asked what it would cost, he responded: "I don't want money and I don't want the wood. All I ask is that you pay it forward!" She was so grateful.
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splain wrote: That is just amazing. don't you just love it
RoseMarie wrote: Awh that's lovely. Imagine someone knocking your door to do that. Lovely share x 💓
bountiful wrote: that is soo nice and love the fact he said "pay it forward" beautiful sharing and giving for all xxx
sandyremillar wrote: that was an angel!!!!
terre wrote: Brilliant!
AndiCas wrote: That's just superb!
melnotes wrote: Perfect!
mindyjourney wrote: Tx for sharing with us! See how the kindness is rippling across the globe from that kind act already :)))
savraj wrote: Oh my goodness! Beautiful synchronicity!
lt33 wrote: Wow so nice of that man to do that cutting a tree down can be 💲now she doesn't have to worry if a storm hits

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