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Letting Go

--by cabbage, posted Apr 7, 2018
We got to celebrate my friend's 100th birthday with a party as she wished (but in a rehab facility rather than her senior center). There were plenty of flowers, a big balloon, her favorite fast food burgers and fries for lunch followed by cake and ice cream. An elderly gentleman friend serenaded her with songs from her past. We all sang a few songs together for her. Her formerly estranged daughter was present. She was surrounded by 12 people whose presence she requested. She was very, very happy. I was very glad to play a small role in organizing it.

 Well, just a few weeks later she is now in the final phase of her life's journey, and is preparing.....sleeping most of the time, and not eating or drinking much at all. It's hard to see someone who was such a feisty, spirited, connected and caring being now looking so ethereal, but I realize that it is a blessing in a way. She is teaching me how to let go, and for this and so much else I am so grateful to her. Thanks for letting me share about her.
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petroskryf wrote: I love the idea of such a special birthday with her favorite fast food (that made me smile). Thank you for celebrating her life. And for sharing the lesson about letting go.
mish wrote: She is going on to "the next frontier" happier because of this wonderful gather. Bless you for being part of making it happen, cabbage. Bless.
Ohiostreet wrote: 🖐💜
scully wrote: God’s grace to her🙏
mindyjourney wrote: Glad she had the celebration of life while still here to appreciate :)), and yes, to let go with dignity is a strong lesson to witness. Mother was the source of that lesson for us 🌹.
John74 wrote: Many blessings and prayers to you and she. :-) <3
leoladyc728 wrote: thank you for getting her party together and her enjoying it all. It sounds like she is ready for her next journey

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