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Stopping For Beverly

--by brindlegirl, posted Apr 15, 2018
You may know I have a soft spot for the elderly. Which probably explains why today I took time out of my day to speak to one named Beverly.

I had decided to take my toddler for a big walk around the block on his push bike thing. Beautiful day for it. So beautiful I extended our walk and went a way I don't normally go. This is where I met Beverly, kneeling in her garden doing whatever it is those who love to garden do.

I smiled as I passed and said "Good Morning". Hearing this she sprung up, looked at my toddler and I with the biggest smile on her face and started a conversation. Many times I could have ended it. Said we had to go and kept waking. But I didn't.

As I looked into her 80 something year old eyes I could see the joy my toddler and I were bringing her. So I stayed. I listened. And when it was time to go walked away feeling so damn good about myself.

I've come a long way.

In the past, I avoided conversations with strangers, I was always in a hurry to be somewhere or go somewhere. It was always about me. Never them. And I must be honest, some days I'm still like that. But the days I'm not, the days when I can brighten another's day just by stopping, those are my favorites. ♥
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Mish wrote: You continue to bloom & it's lovely to share in your beauty, Brindle.
lya348 wrote: You've come so far and made that lovely woman's day. Kudos for your hard work and the obvious rewards that have come from it!
kjoyw wrote: Yes, you have come a long way! So happy for you!!!
melnotes wrote: This is lovely brindlegirl, thank you for taking the time xx
pluto178 wrote: Lol I have spent time reading and rereading this to see where Andicas saw your 'shift' that has so tickled me xxx
AndiCas wrote: Oh please ... why is there no 'edit' function on responses?! I am *so* sorry. SHIFT obviously. Shift.
terre wrote: Well done, brindlegirl! You are not only opening up to strangers and brightening their (and your) day, you are setting a great example for your children, who will emulate you whatever you do.
bountiful wrote: awesome brindle I work with the older persons and smiling and saying hello, is all that is needed, social interaction is the most powerful energy we can show towards another person, beautiful brindle xx
AndiCas wrote: Congratulations on your internal shit, and so pleased you're enjoying the results.
splain wrote: yes you have come a long way. lovely

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