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A Birthday Gift Magnified

--by lewski711, posted Apr 16, 2018
Today was incredible!

One of my students, Miriam, gave me all of her birthday money ($25) to donate to Charity:Water, and organization that builds wells in communities that have no access to clean water. The following week was our school book fair and she had no money to buy any items, but she told me it was okay, that the water was more important.

I shared this on social media and many helped: donating to the charity in her name, and raising hundreds of dollars for Miriam to replace the $25 she so selflessly gave away (

Today she received her surprise!

First, Miriam found out that others were impressed by her selflessness so much so that they donated to Charity:Water in her name. Next, she got to see the 45 second thank you video that Charity:Water made for her. Then, I gave her the check that so many made possible.

She was shocked and her mother was in tears. This is what she said:

"When I got the surprise I was so happy and excited because so many people liked what I did."

Today was a day she'll never forget. So much kindness: from Miriam, from Charity:Water, from those donating in her name, and those who gave to her. Thank you.

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healingtree wrote: So impressed by this story of wisdom and generosity from someone so young, and the support of others too
kalaa wrote: What a kind, generous heart miriam has. May god bless her and the kindness spread throughout the world
mindyjourney wrote: What a great way to share the birthday kindness waves 🌊:)))). Great smile on that dear Miriam! Happiest bday ever!
John74 wrote: That is wonderful!!! So awesome for her kindness and for the kindness being passed on. What a wonderful thing for Miriam and for you!! <3
leoladyc728 wrote: so very sweet of her. Miriam is a future Kindspringer
debbe530 wrote: Just beautiful. You have such a big and amazing heart for "your" kids. And it benefits all. Well done, you!
Mish wrote: Brilliant, Lewski! I agree with Leolady, Miriam qualifies as a KindSpringer :) ❤️
Annabella wrote: What a beautiful heart of gold Miriam has. So touched reading this. <3
kmbhai wrote: so wonderful. ripples of kindness.
DANCE wrote: oh sweet girl

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