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Be The Good Fairy

--by birrch, posted Apr 30, 2018
In my library (where I work), I've (anonymously) started a thing called "be the good fairy." When you notice someone is down, or having a stressful day, or sometimes for no reason at all, you perform a random act of kindness and leave a note signed "-- The Good Fairy."

My first "Good Fairy" moment was buying a vase of flowers for a coworker who is very stressed after her husband was laid off (we're a small public library, so we don't make too much -- now she has to support them both). I left her the vase and a cheerful card when no one was looking, saying "Just a little something to brighten your day! -- The Good Fairy."

So far, I'm the only one in on the game - but I'm really hoping it takes off. I hope some of you may be inspired to incorporate this into your lives, too, because it is so rewarding!
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Babsicle wrote: In more innocent times, i used to be the dinner fairy. It was awesome. I love your idea, and will now become the good fairy. Thanks for the pass-along!
KindMyst wrote: That is such a beautiful initiative you started and I have a feeling you will have company. Great work of kindness.
mish wrote: Awesome! Our world needs more "good fairy" people.
pluto178 wrote: Have fun x
terre wrote: You are a very good fairy! Thank you.
RoseMarie wrote: Great idea good fairy x
kiwicat wrote: every work needs a good fairy!
mindyjourney wrote: Great idea! Maybe, you'd like to include a SMILE card as well? They are free from Kindspring :)
melnotes wrote: This is an awesome idea :) Wonderful kindness thankyou!

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