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You Never Know the Effects of Your Actions

--by Mish, posted May 3, 2018
It was driven home, to both my husband & myself, that we really never know how our small acts of kindness may impact someone.

We were at a Wake yesterday, for an acquaintance we knew from our local park. My husband used to walk around the park with him & they would talk on the phone once in a while. When we went up to his wife to share our condolences & introduced ourselves to her as her husband's park friends, what she said to my husband amazed us.

She said her husband always spoke about Harvey (my hubby) with great fondness & had a picture with an inspiring quote on it that Harv had given him on their fridge & wouldn't let anyone remove it. And that he was always sharing things Harv had said with them. We were blown away, as we had no clue about any of this. I almost cried & I could see Harv was visibly moved too.

So, never doubt the power of your "small" acts of kindness, because they can have a HUGE effect on people.

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Rajni wrote: Kindness is between two people or more. It is our perception that we label them as small or big kindness. Gor giver it may look small but to the receiver , it can be very bid or vice versa.

Both of you did a great job. Thanks for sharing.
lindariebel wrote: Thank you so much for giving definite evidence of what we all believe about the value of kindness.
truthunltd wrote: Namaste _/\_
savraj wrote: Oh that is so wonderful. Yes, you just never know how impactful a small act can be!
debbe530 wrote: Beautiful share. Thanks.
pluto178 wrote: How lovely to know you have made a difference in someones life big up Harvey.......that wonderful man x
RoseMarie wrote: Beautiful x
pyronik wrote: beautiful kindness, & friendship.
kiwicat wrote: Thats wonderful, and good that you had proof that small acts of kindness make a huge difference in someones life.
mindyjourney wrote: Lovely share. You are a kindness team <3. Blessings of comfort for park friend's wife and family.

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