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Coffee Connection

--by sweetangellov, posted Jun 2, 2018
In San Francisco, I had this amazing experience with the divine. While I was waiting for the bus I saw a homeless person carrying a sign which said that he would like a cup of hot coffee.

As soon as read it, I knew this mission was meant for me. I joyfully ran across the street thinking that getting him a cup of hot coffee would be great. I bought the coffee and as I approached him slowly, I could see that the closer I got, the more joy in his eyes I could see.

When I handed him the hot coffee, I simply said "this is for you my dear." I could see so much joy in his face and even a tear. He kept thanking me and holding his coffee like the biggest treasure and trophy in his life. It made me cry that a simple gesture can bring so much joy and make someone thrive.

I walked to my back to my bus stop with such a happy hop, and when the bus driver opened the door and I wanted to pay the bus fee, he waved me through and said “honey, this is on me.” He mentioned it touched his heart to see that I gave away free coffee. This amazing moment was the warmest in my heart and it gave my day and my life a brand new start. It brings me so such a joy to simply love and bless.
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Mish wrote: How totally splendid in each & eve try energy ripples!! Awesome. Hugs for you, my "little princess" make me smile so :))))))))
Mish wrote: Typo above... Every way :)))))
kjoyw wrote: What a wonderful thing to do and what a wonderful person you are for doing it. "Be A Blessing To Someone Each Day" - what a great KS Challenge that would be! I know I'd sure join that one. Blessings, kjoyw
terre wrote: You do the nicest things, sweetangellov! What I especially like is that you see opportunities randomly and take advantage of them, and do your kind deeds on the spot, so to speak. Well done!
mummymunt wrote: Just lovely :)
dhanke1 wrote: Beautiful spirit
mindyjourney wrote: Continued blessings on your kindness mission, my friend :).
melnotes wrote: So very lovely your acts of kindness and giving from the heart, thank you for sharing with us and all that you do, keep up the great work!

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