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Serving Those Who Serve

--by momsonshine, posted Jun 1, 2018
I would love to share an act of kindness that my husband did. While walking through the airport, he overheard a young man telling his mom on the phone that he had lost his wallet and that she would have to come and pick him up so that he could get home.

My husband went up to young man & asked if everything was alright? The young man explained his situation, informing my husband that he is in the military. In their conversation, my husband learned that the young man had done two tours in Afghanistan.

My husband thanked him for his service and asked him how much he needed to get home. The young man replied, "$40." My husband gave him everything in his wallet...close to $100. It's important that we care for one another and most certainly not forget those who put their lives on the line for our freedom. I'm so proud of my husband and this young man<3.
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janelle.ford170 wrote: You know,it' also those who listen with their hearts. Thanks for caring.
myfbil wrote: Thank you to your husband for his wonderful, kind deed. We should always remember our veterans and help them out when we can.
tillygirl wrote: wow, "momsonshine" you are indeed lucky to have such a kind husband. and for you to share HIS kindness you truly do love him and must be proud. Keep the kindness going to you both.
Mitalichawla wrote: ohh yes.. thats the opportunity he grabbed. .. very kind... you are lucky.. ;)♥
mindyjourney wrote: Such a kind interchange :)). Thank you to husband <3.
Mish wrote: Awesome kindness act!!!!! Hugs for your hubby!!!
terre wrote: Very kind act.
melnotes wrote: Brilliant!

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