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Starting a Smile Chain

--by makikatta, posted Jun 4, 2018
I am from Italy, and I take the bus everyday. Buses are really crowded here, and passengers are rarely in a happy mood. One day - it was really hot, and humid - I tried unsuccessfully to open one of the windows.

I was giving up on breathing fresh air until I got to university, when a young man just kind of twisted himself around to reach the window and open it for me. He seemed almost surprised when I smiled at him: at first, he mirrored my smile hesitantly, but when he realized that my smile was - in fact - directed at him his whole face brightened.

It was such a simple act, but it turned my day around. It isn't the first time that a smile changed my mood so radically, and all  because of a stranger.

That's why I started leaving little smiley notes around town, and created "La Catena del Sorriso - The Smile Chain", a Facebook page where I hoped my fellow citizens (of Genova and of the world) could see, give and receive smiles. That's what brought me here...I was looking for inspiration and I found this wonderful place. Thank you!
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sandra wrote: You deserve a smile!
myfbil wrote: What a lovely idea. So kind of you to share this. Smiles help in so many ways.
1sher wrote: Great idea! Thank you for spreading the chain!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for spreading smiles and kindness :))). You might want to look at KindSpring's SMILE cards to share! Hmm...have never been to Italy (I'm in USA), but considering trip there in Nov, for mindfulness seminar :)))). Blessings, friend and lots and lots of SMILES!
mish wrote: Ooh, you are a kindness angel!! Happy you are here with us. Bless.
pluto178 wrote: Lol I smiled at a motorcycle policeman whilst I was gardening today and I thought it quite sad that he was surprised but he smiled back.................I am sure he felt appreciated in that moment. x
alisamom wrote: I notice that when I am in Germany - people don't smile at each other (they don't do it here in the US much either, but more than there). I always smile at people and it really seems to surprise a lot of them! I plan on taking smile cards with me next time I go!
pluto178 wrote: Just to carry on from Alisons comment where I live now people do not lift their heads when they pass you where I lived before everyone says good morning or whatever...........thats why I am moving makes such a difference to be surround by smiley people. x
terre wrote: I love your Smile Chain idea and know it will go far! Smiles cost nothing and give so much!
KindMyst wrote: Never cease to smile on those crowded places. Two kind acts intertwined: the fellow's helpfulness and your appreciative smile.

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