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I found your ID card on the trail"

--by Jeddymo, posted Jun 9, 2018
While I was bicycling on a trail last year my cell telephone rung. When I pulled it from my pocket, I accidently dropped my ID card that was in the same shorts pocket. I did not realize I had lost it until I got back to my car. Then I went back and rode the some route several times looking for the card. When it got too dark to see, I gave up and went home.

Few days later I received a small envelop with my card and a note in it. The note said "I found your ID card on the trail on Friday."

There was no name, return address, or signature on the envelope or the note. I felt a deep appreciation for this person. Whoever you are, thank you for returning my card.
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terre wrote: Yeah for such a good kindness.
Mish wrote: Kind Universe x
mindyjourney wrote: Wonderful kindness on the trail :))
xenahugs wrote: Wow! This is awesome.
KindMyst wrote: A Good Samaritan traveler fellow. :)

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