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Accepting Kindness is Important, too.

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Jun 13, 2018
I have been spending more time recently with folks that some might say are less fortunate. I had a wonderful interaction this past week, when I had the privilege of being the recipient of kindness. I was speaking to a gentlemen who is down on his luck, so to speak. We were just talking and getting to know each other for a while. Towards the end of our evening he said he wanted to buy me a hamburger at the nearby fast food restaurant. In time before, I would have insisted that he let me buy him a meal, since he had a greater need than I. But this kindness community has taught me the importance of being a good receiver, too. So I told him if he really wanted to do that I would be happy to share a meal with him.

It was great! He was so happy to be able to do something like that and was all smiles the entire time. Who am I to deprive someone of the wonderful feeling of giving? We shared some great conversation and I could see it meant so much to him. As we parted ways, instead of me feeling bad that he probably spent his last few dollars on our meal, I smiled and felt with a wonderful sense of connection and gratitude. It’s not only fun to be a receiver of kindness, but this also gives someone else the chance to be the giver. That is important, also<3.
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lifeisbliss721 wrote: This is terrific! I imagine he felt rich on that day by being able to contribute to someone else.
compassion777 wrote: Nice, thanks for this story
mish wrote: Allowing someone to give a beautiful kindness act , as is gracious receiving...a win/win. Kudos on doing both, MSS!!
terre wrote: You've made me smile, too. The gift of receiving is very important. Thank you so much for the sharing you did with this man.
mindyjourney wrote: Important to receive as well as give. Beautiful share, my friend. That lovely connection fed much more than physical hunger. Blessings.
melnotes wrote: Lovely story to share, thank you xx
pluto178 wrote: You should list this everyday for a fortnight just so nobody misses it.........its vital to be a received and a giver......why thank you I would love that are such important words. Well done. x
sandyremillar wrote: that is true....very wise stand!
Annc wrote: You gave him the gifts of respect, consideration and gratitude. That was very kind and uplifting. Thanks for sharing.
KindMyst wrote: That is a great story. Thanks for sharing.

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