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Ripples of Kindless from Burritos for a Homeless Woman

--by sandyremillar, posted Jul 7, 2018
Today I went out to run errands and in a corner I saw a woman in her thirties with a cardboard asking for help. I saw her and thought I'd do something about it. Instead of wondering "why isn't she working?" I decided that the answer is "God knows" and that I shouldn't judge.

I ran off to do my things and by the time I got to the counter at Taco Bell, I decided to give her food. I told the clerk I wanted to help a homeless lady and to double my request. The sum was a bit less than what I thought. He gave me two bags, as requested, but included a soda which I had not asked for, cinnamon dessert (not on my list), and in the other bag three burritos instead of two. Kindness rippled just then!

When I gave the woman the food, she blessed me. I was in tears to think there is plenty in this world for everyone to be fine. I did what I felt was right. Afterward, I saw another person give her money. No judgement, as everyone has their calling. Bless her and everyone like her.
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Bonnie wrote: That was such a wonderful and kind gesture.

Thank you for caring and helping!
rapumpkim wrote: What a beautiful act of generosity on both your part and that of the clerk. I hope the woman finds a home and a better way of life soon 😇👍👍
Mish wrote: Beauty-full, starsis 👍👍
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your kindness :))). You never know when you are entertaining angels <3.
balou wrote: Thank you!! That was very kind of you ... and of the clerk - but she was inspired by you!
MadAbbott wrote: Tasty tale, thanks for your kindness today.
melnotes wrote: What a wonderful gift you gave xxx
Pluto178 wrote: So lovely x

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