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Polite Behaviour Causes Restaurant Happiness

--by gianjot, posted Oct 10, 2009

I wanted to share a story that I heard from my friend today that put a big smile on my face.

She told me about a wonderful thing that happened to her daughter when she was out with a group of friends at a restaurant. Her daughter was enjoying her meal, chatting away happily, joking and chuckling with her friends. It was a merry table and the vibes must have spread around the restaurant because at the end of their meal, an elderly gentleman walked over to their table.
He told them that it was no nice to see their lovely, friendly and happy behaviour. He said he had noticed how polite their behaviour was to the waitress who seemed to be quite hassled and was making a lot of mistakes, instead of being rowdy or rude to her. 
He talked with the group of friends a little while. He then said that although he wasn’t a secret millionaire, he felt moved to pay for their entire meal!
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Readers Comments

glorioski wrote: Wow. They will surely never forget that genuine compliment and gesture. There is great transformative power, i think in the genuine compliment. So often we hold complimentary opinions in our hearts, but never share them with the person whose behavior we admire. The positive vibes are still of use, of course because they make us feel goo, but just think how much farther the good vibes can go, when shared with the subject. Better yet, shared in the presence of a witness. Kudos on not only relaying a great fly on the wall story, but also sharing an idea for a gesture that we can borrow, multiplying it's original reach.
wayfarer wrote: As a parent I know how proud I would be. You've done a good job there, Gianjot!
starbrite wrote: Beautiful surprise for the children. I'm sure they fell proud of themselves too. ~StarBrite
lmil1954 wrote: Well I think that is just lovely and wouldnt be too surprised if the gifter was a member of our site. How cool is that??????
Nice storty thanks for sharing it!
Love, Linda:)
makesomeonesmile wrote: That is great! People are often so quick to recognize the bad. How wonderful when someone takes the time to recognize the good!
AURELIA wrote: How very nice of him to treat them!
Smiling just thinking of their surprised faces! :0) ~Aurelia
lynzall wrote: Thank you ever so much Gianjot, you have a huge heart.

:) Lyndall
JuneBug wrote: That's great !!! :)
helpinghand wrote: Good post. One must be polite with other persons.

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