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Healing With A Simple Card

--by kindness1st, posted Jul 24, 2018
Last week, I did something simple yet extraordinary; I sent my dad a father's day card for the first time in my life.

From being a little kid until recently, I had a troubled relationship with him that culminated in a several year stretch of no communication. Anger, resentment, and worst of all, waiting for apologies for perceived wrongdoings, blocked my heart so much that I could barely acknowledge him at all, much less celebrate him.

Long story short, years of transformative inner work opened my eyes to all the good things he provided me from birth, even if they weren't in my preferred love language. I am finally able to see him with compassionate eyes as an imperfect human being who brought the best fatherhood he could bring to the table, despite lacking the tools he needed to heal from his own trauma. Love managed to sneak around the yells, punches, insults, and slammed doors, to shine on us long enough to solider on and begin the journey of healing decades later.

Sending a simple card with a preprinted father's day message might seem trite to some, but to me it was a powerful salve to heal deep wounds; a salve activated not by any kind of response from the recipient, but one activated by the sender.
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amberquinnhai wrote: The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. - gandhi
petroskryf wrote: I salute your courage and admire your strength in doing this! Thank you for sharing a lovely testimony of kindness and love.
kmbhai wrote: good. you have kindness in your heart...
dandeliongirl wrote: so happy for you, you did a Great thing ! and realizing that we all have different Love Languages is a huge step. not many ppl realize that.
Mish wrote: Huge step of healing for you both, kindness 1st. Your growth has "lightened" you in more ways than one 👍✨✨✨
gardengal10 wrote: Small steps, big result
dotmatrix wrote: Wow.This post touched me so much. Well done you. Really - what a beautiful journey of healing you've been on. ♥.
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for opening the way for healing, my friend.
SissyLee wrote: I totally get it.
DANCE wrote: well done, love is in your heart

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