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The Inexplicable Miracle of Smiles

--by cutysmile, posted Jul 26, 2018
The whole last week made me so depressed because of some unexplainable burden. I didn't like myself being that way. This morning, I decided to set it right and vowed to myself that I'll never complain the whole day and smile at whomever I bump into. I smiled even at people who are fully bones. You would not believe how happy I was! My heart was so light! People called me smiley, asked me to keep smiling, and shared a very beautiful smile in return.

Oh my goodness, I wasted a week's time lamenting and being depressed for nothing. I know a smile is contagious but I finally experienced it for the first time. I made so many people smile from their heart today. I thank everybody whom I came across today. So how many people are you going to make smile tomorrow? Ready for the challenge?
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amberquinnhai wrote: Thank you! I've been feeling the same. I know it will pass but it's very easy to get caught up in that headspace. I will vow to do the same. Your post has inspired me.
mish wrote: Miles of smiles....every day :)))
pluto178 wrote: Keep smilin.............x
mindyjourney wrote: It really all does being within, my friend :))). Keep smiling and the world smiles with you :))). Glad you feeling better.
melnotes wrote: Amazing what a change of attitude can do :) well done
anbu wrote: Smiling Away :-) And Smiles to you too :-) Connect with smiles :-)

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